Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tips for an easy pregnancy

These are things I felt have made my pregnancy easy, of course talk to your doctor before trying ANY of these.

  • if it doesn't sound good, don't eat it
  • being gluten free, I am intolerant so I was already gluten free, but in comparison to others, I haven't suffered morning sickness as bad as the norm. 
  • Vitamins, fish oils, vitamin D and most importantly, Probiotics every day, i fell that it has helped me with a calm stomach, and a calm demeanor. probiotics have been shown to help with stress, for more infor check it out:
  • strength exercise 15 min, every other day, and no I'm not talking about putsing around thinking what kind of work out to do, i mean a planned circuit that will get your heart pumping and your muscles burning. just make sure your work outs don't include crunches, laying on your back, or inversions. I use sites like:  I feel that I can do amazing things when i feel strong, so hopefully when it comes time to deliver I feel strong and confident in myself and go through it fearless. 
  • stretch daily, mostly hip openers, I like to do lots of deep squats, put on some raunchy hip hop and bounce around with my big belly, fun, opens the hips, and releases a lot of low back tension.  
  • avoid sitting, and if you have to, sit with a swiss ball, i have found that i get cramps and my muscles feel pinched with normal chairs, all those pains go away with the ball. 
  • carry water and snacks with you at all times to prevent melt downs
  • eat every two hours
  • only eat when hungry, packing on the pounds just for the sake of being pregnant just hurts you
  • hang out in garland [malasana] or childs pose [balasana] whenever you can, for long periods at a time, lean against a wall
  • take a bath whenever you can, don't re-heat it, when its done, time is up, but oooo baby does it feel good to have your body weight less for a little bit!
  • get a massage in the pool, while floating my husband will walk me around the pool cradling my head, feeling weightless is amazing, and a great warm up for the massage, then he has me hold onto the back on his neck while he props me up on his hands and kneads into me, my weight giving the best pressure. absolutely amazing! 
  • get to know baby, for example, i read to my baby and i poke my belly to see if i get a kick back, we have come to the point where i poke, count to 3-4 and he kicks, so weird! but awesome!
  • a high end humidifier, one that pumps out a ton of moisture, a lot of pregnancy complaints is sinus issues and fear of getting sick, well i havent gotten sick *knock on wood* and my sinuses have been fine. 


  1. very intresting indeed. I just wanna say it sounds like you have a great partner and you must be having a boy. I couldn't take any vitamins especially fish oil without going into cold sweats and feeling like I was going to yak. Good luck with your easy pregnancy.

  2. wow, people do read this :) I should maybe take a sec to proof read some day. Thanks for the comment, My husband will be ecstatic that you said that. he really is the best. I am having a boy, and I have heard a few times now that they are really easy to carry. Are you still pregnant? How far along?I hope you find better luck with your vitamins, flax seed oil supplements are a great alternative.
    if it helps, these are the brands I take, a lot of research went into them and they work great for me:


    Vitamin D:


    Fish Oil:

  3. Thanks so much I'll look into those. I'm not currently pregnant but we start another round of clomid this spring.

  4. Oh! Clomid worked great for my sister. She has three beautiful girls. Good luck with your future pregnancy!